Watch Dogs 15s Cinema Ad Spot: Ubisoft

We were tasked to adapt existing online creative into a 15 second cinema ad spot for the Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs. This was a competition based placement to give away a Toyota 86 and other PlayStation prizes.

The process: we used elements from existing facebook creative, copy and the like, and incorporated it in with recreated game elements to produce the animation.

The additional game components we recreated were things like:

* UI overlays (tracking targets, lines segments, other digital elements)
* Digital Glitching
* RGB Splitting

An accompanying VO was used to lighten the visual load as it was quite a bit of info to communicate in 15 seconds.

A sound landscape was designed from existing game assets to integrate with an FX treated VO.

The project turnaround was approx 1 week, which includes receiving brief/assets, producing the animation and allowing for approvals.